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Tips on How to Have a Safe and Nice Threesome

Here are several tips on how to have a safe and nice couples dating without making anyone feel awkward and without damaging your relationship. Keep reading…

You must have a stable relationship before having a threesome. Many swinger couples want to have a tinder threesome hookup with the idea of spicing up their relationship. However, few of them realize how important it is to make sure their relationship is stable before trying threesome hookup. It might just take a few hours to have a threesome, while the influence of it can be months or even years in a relationship. Threesome can cause an ocean of jealousy and anger. It could bring up your obsolete issues and complains about each other. If you are not sure if your relationship is stable enough to handle it, I suggest that you should stay low and stay safe with it. The idea of inviting a third into your relationship with the intention to save it is not going to work, but only damage your relationship in a worse way. Someone is going to end up hurting themselves.

Discuss and set rules together. Threesome hookup can be awkward and chaotic not only on the outside, but also in the inside heart, because more persons and feelings are involved. If your girlfriend is not okay with you penetrating the third girl, respect that if you care for your relationship. These kinds of conversation may be the least sexy, but important. Discuss these details before bringing in the third. Do not be bashful. If you think it is embarrassing, try dirty talk. It will be fun. Honesty and straight-forwardness are the best methods in this. When you finish setting rules with your partner, you can invite the third in and discuss it all together. Update your rules to the third and see if they are acceptable. If not, set new ones together. Please make sure you know that the third person also has its' own needs and requirements. He/she does not come to serve you.

Do not go over after threesome hookup. I have encountered many such circumstances. A girl had a threesome dating with a couple and it is not the end of the story. After the threesome meeting, the husband secretly contacts the girl for hangout just two of them. There might come to an end of a marriage and new relationship. This is exactly that kind of issue we would like to prevent it from happening. Do not let yourself in such situation no matter if you are the third or one part of the couple. If you are worried about it, maybe your relationship is not in the right place and you shouldn't have a threesome. Just think twice about it before take actions.