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Some Famous Trans People

We often look towards trans people with mixed emotions. No matter how hard they try to fit in the society, they still face neglect. Trans hookup, tv ts hookup, Lgbt dating or dating a trans woman is largely condemned. Transgender people including trans women are just like any other human being and they deserve all the respect any other person would have got.

With change in times though, people have become open in accepting the idea of transgender and even open to trans dating or tgirl dating. In fact, dating trans woman might be more successful than any other conventional date. A trans woman is more conscious about her looks and takes good care of her well being. They are empathetic and know how to keep their man happy. Other than that they are coming out openly and confidently in the society. A number of trans people have grown in their respective fields to gain popularity. No reason why you should look up to meet trans. If we talk about professional fields, there are a number of trans people who have made their mark internationally as well. Here are some of the popular names:

Caitlyn Jenner
Talk about trans women and the famous American TV celeb Caitlyn Jenner comes into mind. What amazes us more is that Caitlyn Jenner, apart from being father (previously) of famous Jenner sisters is a retired Gold medal winning olympics athlete.

Carmen Carrera
Carmen Carrera is a drag performer and burlesque who has gained all the fame from the popular show RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has been known for standing against RuPaul’s transphobic comments. She has also appeared in a number of American reality shows.
She further aspires to be the first transgender woman to model for Victoria’s Secret.

Caroline Cossey
Caroline Cossey is a British model and actress known for her work in James Bond film For Your Eyes Only as the ‘bond girl’. She was also the first trans woman to model for Playboy.

Michal Dillon
Born as a female named Laura Mod Dillon, Michael Dillon was the popular physician of British descent who underwent 13 sex change surgeries back in between 1946 and 1949. In 1946 he wrote a book on what are now being called as transgenders.

Roberta Cowell
Not just the show business but trans women have proven their mettle in the battlefields as well. Roberta Cowell was a British racing driver as well as world war fighter pilot. She served in second world war as a pilot officer and briefly as an instructor. She had also served five months prisoned into Germany. Later when Cowell separated from her wife in 1948, she decided to undergo gender transition surgery in 1951.

Isis King
King is a famous American model who is known to be the first trans woman to compete on America’s Next Top Model. She has since appeared in 11th and 17th season of the show.

Pat Califia
Califia is a bisexual trans man who writes non fiction over sexuality.