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Several Uncommon Tips for You to Start Transitioning

Transitioning is a must process for every transgender people. Before you start your transitioning, there are few tips and advice for you to prepare for it.

First, watch tutorials online. There are many free tutorials on Youtube and other websites. All you need to do is input the keyword, such as transition, transgender tips, makeup tips and so on. You can learn how to do makeup, how to do your hair, how to tuck, how to choose name, etc. They are very useful for transgender beginners. Watch as many tutorials as possible. If you think you are bad at dressing, watch dressing tips videos. If you don't know how to choose your name, watch name picking videos. By watching these videos, you can not only learn certain skills, but also you can learn more knowledge of being a transgender. In this way, you can learn what you want to learn for free. It is very convenient. After you leaned these things, they can boost your confidence and make you feel very comfortable with yourself.

Second, you must learn how to walk if you are a female to male transgender. For men, they usually walk outwards with two feet apart from each other. They often have a hunch back. This is very manly. You would be clocked and called shemale. However, for female, if you still walk in a way that man walks, it will get very ugly. How to walk properly as a female? First, you need to walk in a straight line. Pick a straight line and walk on it. At the beginning, you can lower your head and watch your steps stepping on the line one step at a time. Later, you can try walk without watching your steps. Just keep it straight. Second, straighten your back. If you find it is a little hard for you to keep your back straight, you can resort to some correction instrument. Keep it in mind every time you walk. Practice makes perfect. You need to spend much time on it, so that you can have a very feminine and elegant image in front of others.

One of the most important things about transitioning is pronouns. If you are ready to come out and tell people you are a transgender, do not afraid and hesitate to ask people to refer to you by the right pronouns, especially when you are on a trans dating. You can start with your family, friends and neighbors. Then you can expand on it. Do not wait until you meet your therapist. Usually, therapist will only put you on medicine when they are 100% sure you are ready. Imagine if you walk in with a very feminine image and you have the confidence of having everyone call you "she", it will be a lot easier for them you be sure that you are ready for your medicine. This is not only for your medicine, it is also can increase your confidence and more to that.