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One night hookup can turn into marriage too

Shocking! Right? What is your impression of hookup apps like tinder? I think there are hardly any people would think they can find serious relationships on such date hookup app. More specifically, there is only hook up apps online. Meeting people who you never knew before, how come it can develop into a serious relationship or even a marriage? Well, it can as long as you meet the right person with the right attitude in the right time. There is no wrong way to meet true love as long as you are now happy with each other. It doesn’t care if you start with one night hookup or start with a fight over something. Only the result matters in a relationship. No matter how romantic your encounter is, if you end up with broken heart, what is the point. Therefore, if you still have some psychological barriers with meeting people on date hookup app, you can dump that stale thought now, because you might be losing your opportunity to meet the right person.

I would like to tell you a story of my friend and his wife. That is right, they are happily married now. Their relationship can definitely be directed as a movie, because it is so dramatic, but also regular.

Lily and Bob met on one night hook up apps. Lily was a pretty girl who just graduated from college and Bob was a very experienced hookup hunter both in real life and online. The first time when Bob asked Lily out for a date, Lily nearly called the police.

As an unexperienced little girl, Lily was very conservative herself. She never slept with the man in her first date. In her perspective, there was no hookup apps, only dating apps. So there is a different of opinions when Bob asked her out for a date. It was called date, but what Bob really meant was one night hookup. After they had dinner together, Bob offered to drive Lily home. When arrived, this was when other date would propose to have a drink inside, which more like a code for one night hookup, Lily said goodbye. Bob was pretty surprised, but he didn’t give up. He asked if he would come in and have some water because he is really thirsty. Lily agreed.

After came in, Bob started his own trick. The old routine of praising and being considerate. He managed to kissed Lily and they kissed really hard. Lily resisted heavily, but Bob was so turned on that he didn’t realize that she was resisting it until he felt her tears in his chick. Lily thought he was going to rape her. Bob stopped immediately. Lily quickly grabbed a knife and threatened that she would call the police if he doesn’t leave right now. Bob explained to her and apologized. Being totally misunderstood, Bob felt terrible. He kept sending message to Lily until he was sure he was forgiven. That is how their relationship got started. When Bob told me this, I was also shocked that such a drama could also turn into a marriage. Hookups can as well.