Introduce the Best Threesome App to You

Agreeing to have a three way with my male workmate was the biggest mistake in my life. But it is lucky that I can go through that difficulty and move on with my husband. The reason I want to post it is because that I have a threesome app to introduce to all of you – 3rder.

I’ve been with my husband for ten years and we married five years ago. We are not completely compatible, but we seem know each other very well. So, most of the time we are happy and satisfied with our life. As for our sex life, I couldn’t get relaxed fully in the bed with men for some personal reasons. That was our only big problem. He tried everything to satisfy me when we were having sex. One day, he told me that we could have a threesome with someone we knew, which might help me relax entirely and add spice to our sex relationship. I was 39 years old and I’ve never felt true happiness in the bed. So, I thought why didn’t give it a shot.

There was a guy from my workplace I thought about. His name is Johnny. I thought he was very friendly and kind to me. So, I’d rather to invite him to be the 3rd partner for us. When I talked with him about the threesome plan, he didn’t say No. Besides, he also told me that he loved me, which is the reason he’d love to help me with my husband. So, it was not a pure intention at the very start. That day, he came to our house and we had some wine. It started afterwards. And because of his love for me, he performed even better than my husband, which made it a bad attempt. After that, the three of us haven’t talked about it. But I know my husband got jealousy because he knew that Johnny loved me.

Because that I thought that I love my husband and I decided keep my marriage by persuading him to try to find a girl for a three way. Than we started to browse some adult websites and all those people seem unfriendly and useless to our relationship. But one day, we talked with a couple and they told me that they were using 3Somer to find a woman for a couple. Then, 3Somer has been removed from App Store and they have found another better couples dating app named 3rder. They highly recommended us to try that hookup apps for couples because people there were real and nice. So, we found that app easily and join it freely. Then, we were lucky enough to find someone for a three way and every time we enjoyed entirely.

Bustr–the Best BBW Dating App

Bustr is a BBW dating app with the fastest way to meet new people on your phone. BBW dating app is only designed for big beautiful women, their admires and plus-sized singles who are looking for a life long relationship. It’s safe to say that unlike other traditional dating app you’ve ever experienced, Bustr can provides users with the most extraordinary using experience. What’s more, in order to meet the users’ needs, we’ve optimized its functions and designs this year. Now, Bustr can meets almost all plus-sized singles’ needs and help them make friends with people from all over the world.

Special features
Download free. Bustr is free to download, you’re offered optional membership subscription as well.
Time saving. It means you don’t need to waste your time on wrong person, only people who are matched with you can chat with each other.
Easy to use. You can swipe right or left to like or pass on people that are suggested to you. People that are introduced to you are in the same city or have the same hobby with you.
Free to chat with your matches. When someone you liked likes you back, you have a match. It’s time to chat with your matches free.
Avoid identity theft. Bustr is a BBW dating app with serious authentication system, you can safely use it.
Dating tips. There are many dating tips for big girls and plus-sized singles.

Current prices of VIP membership
Become a Bustr member and get access to exclusive features that will help you save time, eliminate ghosting, and provide you with more dating chances.
1 month auto renewal VIP membership service for $29.99.
3 months auto renewal VIP membership service for $74.99.
6 months auto renewal VIP membership service for $129.99.
Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice.

In 2015, Bustr was first released. In 2018, Bustr updated to its new version. Now, Bustr is the No.1 BBW dating app with tens of thousands of registers from all over the world. It’s the common choice of big girls and plus-sized singles.

Data from various openly shows that Bustr is a popular BBW dating app for most big girls and plus-sized singles. It has helped many plus-sized singles find their life partners. Being fat is not the barrier of dating, as a plus-sized single, you need to find the right dating app and Bustr is the beat choice.
As a BBW dating app, Bustr is not only a platform to meet different people and make different friends, but also a teacher to teach you how to improve yourself and become more attarctive. No matter slim or fat, being confident is the key to success. If you are a big woman or a plus-sized man who likes plus-sized woman, Bustr can really meets your needs. Never stop finding your true love, join us and have a try. We all hope that you would be one of the lucky one next time.

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CougarD —the Best Online Dating App

CougarD is one of the most popular online dating app, which is specially designed for older women and younger men and provides a platform for them to meet each other. It has won the market of the majority in just a few months after its’ release. CougarD gradually takes the lead of cougar dating market.

Cougar dating, once a sensitive and unaccepted word, now is experiencing a huge reversal. More and more young and handsome guys are attracted to mature and sophisticated older women and not afraid to speak it out. There is no limit in love. Whatever age, gender, nationality and so on. CougarD plays its’ unique and significant role in normalizing cougar dating.

Here we provide some tips to help to get your journey started.

First, download CougarD on your phone. Set your profile. Remember to choose the best photos of you, so that you can win a good first impression. They say never judge a book by its cover, but you have to face it that all people are face judgers, especially in a relationship hunting. They may not show it on their face, but they would definitely wisper to themselves in the heart. Therefore, pretty photos are the stepping stone in finding a cougar dating relationship.

Second, go to “QuickMatch” to find the right person. This is the center of CougarD, just like a community where all cougars and cubs hang out. By swiping left or right, you can “like” somebody or pass to continue. Two person who like each other will be matched and they will be free to talk to each other online. If you two hit it off, you can ask he/her out on a date. This is how CougarD help to establish a cougar dating relationship.

Third, get some exposure. To show more about yourself, a few profile photos are far from enough. Display your life photos on “Moments” with a few sentence to express your feelings. Share what’s going on with you recently, what is special today, what did you eat for breakfast, how do you feel about your life, your work and so on. “Moments” is designed for you to tell others about yourself and in return to get to know other people.

The above is about everything you need to start hunting. There are many other functions to make it easy, convenient and effective to find a date. If there’s still something missing, you can go to “Settings” to tell us and we will be very happy to make amends.

We also provide VIP membership with a favorable price: 1Month-$29.99/Month, 3 Months-$28.33/Month, 6 Months-$23.33/Month. With a VIP identity, you are allowed to send anyone messages even if he/she left-slided you. You could search your cougars or cubs by the location, body type, ethnicity and so many other options available with just a “V” emblem and so many other privileges.