How Did Your Threesome Happen?

I can remember the first time threesome. It was me, my wife and her best friend. Her best friend had a three years boyfriend. And we went on a vacation and one night there was a party on the beach. All three of us had a lot of drinks and we were high and excited. That night we had a threesome dating. Although it happened out of luck, it was great night and we enjoyed a lot of three fun.

It was the best friend brought up the idea of threesome hookup. After she had some drinks, she was getting emotional and starting to pour on her grievance. It was about her boyfriend. They had been together for three years, but she knew that he was cheated on her with many women. Her boyfriend likes to spend time on night clubs and bars. There was even a rumor that her boyfriend had a secret baby with one of these women. All these things revolve in her brain, so she can get satisfied with her husband when they are getting laid.

All at once, she came up with the idea that three of us may have a threesome dating which she always wanted to. She asked my wife to have a tinder threesome. At the first beginning, my wife refused her, but she kept talking about it with lots of emotional blackmails, and she consented to do it. It was totally a new experience for both of us. Truth to be told, I always want to try a woman with B size and proper muscles. I love my wife and her fair and soft skin. Her best friend is a fitness-loving. She has black skin and muscle and hard butt. When my wife asked me about having a threesome, I nodded a yes right away. That was my first time threesome dating. It was successful.

After that, I can forget about the happy and excitement of that night. I can’t help thinking about another threesome dating, so I talk about it with my wife for having a second threesome hookup. And this time we won’t plan to invite her best friend. We get on a tinder for threesomes dating app named 3rder for threesome dating partners searching. And my wife let me to do the pick up. I know she prefers a MMF threesome, so I look for some local girls on this tinder threesome app. There are many singles who are willing to have threesomes with couple for a swing lifestyle. And I just want to find a girl looked beautiful, sexy and non-creepy, the most important thing is she is a real one.

It didn’t spend too much time, I find a suitable partner for us. And we would ask her for a dinner first to get to know each other, if everything goes well, we will invite her home for a great tinder threesome night.

Tips on How to Have a Safe and Nice Threesome

Here are several tips on how to have a safe and nice couples dating without making anyone feel awkward and without damaging your relationship. Keep reading…

You must have a stable relationship before having a threesome. Many swinger couples want to have a tinder threesome hookup with the idea of spicing up their relationship. However, few of them realize how important it is to make sure their relationship is stable before trying threesome hookup. It might just take a few hours to have a threesome, while the influence of it can be months or even years in a relationship. Threesome can cause an ocean of jealousy and anger. It could bring up your obsolete issues and complains about each other. If you are not sure if your relationship is stable enough to handle it, I suggest that you should stay low and stay safe with it. The idea of inviting a third into your relationship with the intention to save it is not going to work, but only damage your relationship in a worse way. Someone is going to end up hurting themselves.

Discuss and set rules together. Threesome hookup can be awkward and chaotic not only on the outside, but also in the inside heart, because more persons and feelings are involved. If your girlfriend is not okay with you penetrating the third girl, respect that if you care for your relationship. These kinds of conversation may be the least sexy, but important. Discuss these details before bringing in the third. Do not be bashful. If you think it is embarrassing, try dirty talk. It will be fun. Honesty and straight-forwardness are the best methods in this. When you finish setting rules with your partner, you can invite the third in and discuss it all together. Update your rules to the third and see if they are acceptable. If not, set new ones together. Please make sure you know that the third person also has its’ own needs and requirements. He/she does not come to serve you.

Do not go over after threesome hookup. I have encountered many such circumstances. A girl had a threesome dating with a couple and it is not the end of the story. After the threesome meeting, the husband secretly contacts the girl for hangout just two of them. There might come to an end of a marriage and new relationship. This is exactly that kind of issue we would like to prevent it from happening. Do not let yourself in such situation no matter if you are the third or one part of the couple. If you are worried about it, maybe your relationship is not in the right place and you shouldn’t have a threesome. Just think twice about it before take actions.

Going out on your first transgender date – Follow these essential tips

First date is always exciting. When you are on your first transgender date, it become more exciting and in the mean time you will also feel a bit high on your nerves. There are many things that you need to take care of when you are on your first transgender date. There are many questions strikes in mind when you think about your first transgender date. What to wear? Where to go out on your first date and many more questions like that?

Here are the best tips for you when you are on your first transgender date. Follow these tips if you are bit nervous and don’t know how to manage things when you are on your first transgender dating.

What to wear – one of the most important and the very first question strikes in mind when you planned a date is what you should wear? This is quite important to wear an attractive outfit. If you don’t know what to wear and still confused about what you should wear, it’s better to take suggestions from your friends that owns a good taste in clothing. However, it’s best to choose your outfit according to the place where you are going to meet to your transgender friend.

Place where you should meet your date – While selecting a place to meet, it is important to understand each and every thing. When you are selecting a place to meet, make sure you should also consult with your transgender friend as well. It’s more important to know her view about the place where you are going to meet. Is she comfortable with the place or not. Also the other important thing about finalizing any place is to know where the place is and are you well known to the place or not? Check, if the place isn’t much far from you and your partner’s apartment.

Never invite your trans dating partner to your apartment, hotel room on your first date – Inviting your transgender partner at your apartment isn’t quite best if it’s your first date. Instead of inviting her to your apartment or a hotel room, it’s better to go out in public place. A public park or a zoo is quite ideal for your first date. But make sure that the place is quite comfortable for transgender dating otherwise you might have to face some ugly moments that you certainly never like right on your first date. Place must be calm and open so that you can roam freely and listen to each other quite clearly and won’t be disturbed by others. Avoid watching movie on your first date as you won’t chat in movie hall and disturb others.

Don’t watch other cis woman – when you are with her and you are in your first transgender date, it’s better to avoid watching other cis woman roaming around you. If you are doing this, this might upset you transgender friend and you definitely don’t want to do this right on your first transgender date.

Essential Things about How to Have a Threesome Dating

The tinder for threesome is a complex dating mode. If you want a three way dating, you not only need to consider your position, but you also need to find an ideal three way dating partner. So before you decide to start a tinder threesome dating, I want to give you some basic advice. These suggestions can help you better understand what a threesome is, and how to do it to find a threesome dating.

First you have to understand the composition of the threesomes. A threesome dating can be two women, one man. Two men and one woman. If it is a gay or lesbian threesome, it can be three men or three women. No matter what your gender is, if you want a threesome dating, then you have to tell your partner, especially the long-term partner you take seriously. You want to enter the purpose of a tinder hookup. You need to explain it well or they will misunderstand. This is a tough task, but it can be done well as long as you grasp the skill. Don’t let your partner feel insecure and any trust problems, otherwise it will threaten your relationship.

If you suggest that you want a three way date on date hookup app, maybe your partner is not willing. But she likes you to be better than everything, so she is willing to accompany you into a threesome dating and then to please you. If this happens, you should not enter a three-person dating. If you are in a long-term relationship, facing your partner, you want to be a threesome to deepen your relationship, not to destroy it. Or now you are just looking for fun to be with your current partner, so make sure his ideas are in line with yours, and threesome dating may be feasible between you.

I have interviewed a woman, and her ex-boyfriend wants to have another woman with her to have a tinder threesome. But she didn’t want to, she hoped that this third person could be a man. But her ex-boyfriend disagreed. Then she left him. In other words, if you want to succeed in a threesome dating, you need to do a lot of preparation. Collaboration between partners requires open discussion and mutual understanding. For who should be a third person, you can discuss what kind of person is attractive and what you want to get from a third person. When your partner disagrees with this matter, you should stop and listen to her.

You need to realize that have tinder hookup aims to add something fun into your relationship, and you should take your partner’s opinion into consideration. Only in this way, you can have a wonderful threesome dating and at the same time you can enhance your bond between you and your partner.

Threesome Q&A: How to Have a Threesome?

How to have a threesome? This is the first question asked by all new swingers. They have never had threesome hookup before. This is also their top concern. Speaking of threesome, it is not strange for swinger couples and singles, while it is absolutely a new idea for new beginners. From their perspective, threesome is full of mystery and pleasure. Many people want to have threesome, while a lot of them don’t know how to do it. Therefore, I am here to offer them the answers for this question. Just keep reading.

Q: My wife and I recently decided to have a threesome. We have never tried it before and we are pretty sure this is really what we want. However, the problem is that both of us are afraid that it won’t go well since it is our first time. To be honest, we are a little embarrassed for it. We have no idea of how to have a threesome and where to find a threesome partner. Is it supposed to take turns for each person? Or just go with the flow? Should we go to bars and clubs to find threesome partners? What should we say? It is just so complicated.

A: How to have a threesome and who to have it with are the most common questions asked by swinger couples and singles. First, let’s talk about who to have threesome with? If you have any swinger friends, you can go ahead and invite them over for a coffee or a movie. You can flirt with him/her and see how’s the chemistry going. If it feels right, you can bring up the invitation or just go for it without any words. If you do not have such friends or even if you do, you don’t want to have a threesome with them, you can find a stranger on tinder for threesome date hookup apps. There are lots of such apps, most of which are very efficient in finding you the perfect match. Finding your threesome partner is an easy question compared to how to have a threesome. Second, I am going to tell you how to have a threesome. The most vital part in having a threesome is communication. After you find your match, you should have an open and honest conversation all together. Everyone should be completely honest with each other about what you like and don’t like. In other words, you should set boundaries and make sure everyone is okay with these boundaries. Make sure everyone is on the same page. This is the key to a successful threesome. After you cleared all the boundaries, you can start to have a threesome. There is no need to make plans, because it usually will not work our due to your nervousness. You just need to relax yourself and try to be considerate. Go with the flow and be yourself.

Essential Transgender dating tips for men

Interested in transgender dating, but don’t know how to get your first transgender date. To find a dating transgender woman isn’t that difficult and there are many sources where you can find a transgender woman and get your first transgender date. However, it is quite hard to maintain a transgender woman with you for a long term and that’s the important thing that you need to think first. How to keep your transgender date for long term? There are many tips that will help you to keep your transgender date for long and you can completely enjoy your transgender date to its full.

Here are few tips that will help you to know the secrets how to keep your transgender date for long. If you want to enjoy your transgender dating for long, follow these tips and you will see the results yourself. Here are the best tips that you need to follow –

Respect your transgender date – Do not hide her in some date hookup app. date is date and no matter if it’s a transgender date or a regular cis gender date. You have to respect your dating partner and that’s the first but the most important secret of a successful transgender date. If you are giving your transgender date a complete respect and pay attention to what she say and what she need from you. She will be completely impressed from you and will remain with you for as long as you are respecting her emotions and not insulting her in front of your friends or family.

Do introduce her to your family or friends – for a successful transgender date, it is important to earn the trust from your dating partner and you have to do this by your own. One of the best things to do this is to introduce your transgender dating friend to your family, friends or relatives. This is quite the best thing that you can do to earn the trust from your transgender date. If you are not comfortable to introduce her as your girl friend or a dating partner, you can introduce her by calling her your good friend. That will work too, but make sure that you don’t have to use any insulting term like Tranny, Ladyboy or Shemale. If you are using these terms to call or introduce her in front of your family or friends that will not be accepted and she may lose the trust in you as well as it will also affect your dating relationship.

Don’t think you are doing favor on her – it’s a transgender date and basically it’s your choice to be in a transgender date. So, don’t ever think that you are making any favor on her by dating her. In a transgender date, both are equal and equally important.

Don’t ask for sex favors right in your first date – make your first date quite formal and never force her for any sexual favor. It’s your first date and you have to be in limits.

These are the best transgender dating tips for men. Follow these tips for a successful transgender date.

Our Wonderful Life on 3rder Swinger App

We are just a couple who are curious about making swingers with a single person or a swinger couple because my husband has some kinky ideas on sexuality all the time. Actually, I don’t mean to live such a wild lifestyle, but I am also wondering what it is if I can make love with different men. I think most women have fantasized about having something with some different men since my husband tells me he always keeps this thought in his mind and I think women should be like that as well.

To be honest, 3rder app is not the first similar date hookup app we have used but we can say it is really a great app of this kind in the market. After using it only for a couple of days, we find our first potential match here and I am deeply attracted to him. My husband comes to ask me if I would like to make a date with this handsome young man and I say yes without thinking.

We upgrade our membership in order to make conversations with other users here easier and we are so glad that we really make a right decision. We don’t spend much money and we find this app is worth it. We get a reply back soon after my husband says hello to the man and naturally, we begin to have chat with each other via the instant message system. On the basis of conversations of a few days, we decide to invite him for dinner because we live not far away in the same city.

Everything goes as we expect. After our meeting, my husband tells me he is very exciting when he watches me making love with the man in our home. I also get satisfied with that man because he is really strong and skilled in the bedroom. Usually, we don’t make another swinger dating with a same person but this time I convince my husband to invite the man for the second time.

When we decide to say goodbye to him, it doesn’t take us much time before we lock out target. Thanks to the large user database, it seems to be easy to meet a nice user who can meet our needs. Unlike other apps in the market, 3rder promises us it will try the best to keep scammers away so that we can have such a safe and clean dating world for fun. My husband and I reach an agreement that it is the best swinger app for couples, like us.

We are really grateful to 3rder tinder for threesome app since it can always provide us with high quality and real partners around our country. We often have a trip to different cities and it would be so nice to make swingers with local friends on our trip. So far, we have made arrangements with over twenty users here and 3rder has not let us down yet.

Threesome Dating Tips and Tricks – Part 1

Thinking about threesome? Having a threesome is men’s one of that desired sexual fantasy that he want to fulfill at any cost. Talking about threesome is quite interesting and full of excitement but in real, it is quite hard to have a threesome especially if you are thinking to have a threesome along with your wife or a girl friend.

There are many other things that you need to think first before organizing a kinky dating with your wife or a girl friend. The first and the most important thing is, is your wife or a girl friend will give her permission to have a threesome or not? What are her sexual desires and what happened to your sexual desires or fantasies of threesome if she is not interested in threesome and don’t like to share a bed with the third wheel. What you will do now? How you can convince your wife to have a threesome and there are many other things that you have to know before having a threesome. Whenever you think about having a threesome along with your wife or a girl friend, it is important to know the effects before calling a threesome or share your idea to your wife or a girl friend. Once you had a threesome with your wife or a girl friend, it means that your relationship with her will change dramatically and you will never change the things like before once you are having threesome.

Still if you are interested in threesome and looking forward to have a threesome hookup along with your wife or a girl friend, here are few tips that will surely help you to have a successful threesome. Follow these tips and have a successful threesome. Here are the tips –

Try to know your wife sexual fantasy first – if you are already made your mind to have a threesome along with your wife or a girl friend and you are afraid that she might not interested in having a threesome or may be turn down your offer to have a threesome. To share your fantasy with her, it’s better to try to know her sexual fantasy first and fulfill it at any cost. Once you complete her sexual fantasy, now it’s time to share your sexual fantasy with her. Tell her that you are thinking about having a threesome. If she agree and gave permission for threesome then, it’s quite good and you can go ahead and find a third wheel for you. But in case, she is still making excuses and avoid the idea of threesome because she feel shy and ashamed to share a bed with an unknown person, convince her that threesome is quite secret and it’s just sexual exercise to have a new experience. It’s better to tell her that you are not calling a threesome because you are getting bored from her but you want to have a new experience that can spice up your life once again.

Rules for a Successful Threesome with Your Wife or a Girl Friend

Threesome is just like and unsung fantasy for most of the guy. It’s basically an ultimate sexual desire that every man is looking too and wants a threesome with her wife or a girl friend. But what makes a wife or a girl friend agree to be a part of threesome or we can say that these are the common best the most important factors that every wife or a girl friend look before saying yes for threesome or turn down the notice. If you are quite desperate to have threesome with your wife or a girl friend, there are many things that you need to do before asking a tinder threesome from your wife or a girl friend.

Here are three essential things that you must take care before making a plan for threesome or inviting a third partner for a threesome dating. If you want that your threesome dating will become a successful, make sure that you must check these three things first and make your plans accordingly. Threesome isn’t the thing that you can do by forcefully or by doing emotional blackmail to your wife or a girl friend. A successful threesome is only by personal interest and all the three participants will take equal interest in having a threesome or making it a successful one, and not only because your partner is demanding this from you and you want to make your partner happy that’s why you are doing threesome. it’s not about your partner’s satisfaction or choice but it’s all about your interest and excitement that you feel from inside when you hear threesome with your partner.

Here are the best 3 rules that you need to do before asking a threesome from your partner –

A detailed conversation – a detailed conversation is must required thing when you are thinking about threesome dating or a inviting a third guy or girl that can share your bed with your wife or a girl friend. Before inviting a third guy or girl, it is must to have a conversation about threesome fantasies or desires or also include dirty talk when going intimate in bed. Explore your sexual fantasies and make the environment bold and awfully romantic. Include your desires that you are looking for threesome with you. If you are not good in bed with her, then it’s quite sure that she won’t allow you to go for a threesome.

Make some rules – have trust in a relations is the only thing that a threesome is known for. If you don’t have any trust or you are feeling jealous because the third guy is giving more importance to your wife or girl friend, than surely threesome isn’t for you and you are not the perfect candidate to enjoy a threesome. It’s better to drop the idea of having a threesome hookup.

Who is the center of attraction – in threesome, one guy is a center of attraction and other two will do foreplay to impress her/him. It is obvious the make a decision first before organizing a threesome party.

Online Dating – How to Find BBW Woman Online?

Being a BBW woman or called BBW by others isn’t really a matter of insult of he is not offending you. In fact, recognized by the tag BBW is quite a compliment for you and this means that you are big beautiful woman. Calling a BBW woman isn’t meant that someone is insulting you. Take this as an opportunity and accept yourself as BBW woman. There are many online dating websites for BBW where men are looking for BBW women to date them. Using these websites you too can find a date using online dating websites.

However, BBW women often thinks that men are only looking for slim and skinny women that have an attractive figure just like the models  we usually see in commercial advertisements or other media programs. It’s basically a myth that media sources spreads all over. But men are not only looking for slim or skinny girls to date with but there are men around us that are looking for BBW woman to whom they can date.

Here are few tips for men that are looking for BBW women using online dating websites –

Try multiple online dating websites – it is important to increase your search area and spread your profiles to multiple websites so that more BBW women will see you and the chances to get a BBW woman for a date will almost a double. Register yourself in multiple websites and update your profile inputting all your details and requirements. What you are looking for and why you are here? Keep mentioned each and every interest, likes or dislikes in your profile. This will certainly helps you to find the best BBW dating partner.

When you find a BBW woman, it is important to know what to ask and what not – While you are chatting your BBW woman and you feels that she is perfect for you. Than it is quite important that you must not touch any sensitive topic that hurts your date and she might avoid talking with your in future. Avoid any talk regarding her body weight, daily diet, her gym or anything else that related to her body size or weight. If she starts this topic from herself first, then you can take part in the conversation but keep in mind that don’t make any negative comment on her body, weight or size.

Give your positive comments to make her feel confident and this will certainly help you a lot in your dating.

It is important to tease her in between to keep the bonding strong – Teasing her is an important thing that you can do in between your date. If you both like the same game but different teams or players of that game, than you can surely tease her in terms of her team or player. This will certainly helps you to grow a strong bond between you too.

But make sure, teasing never comes to personal and you are not teasing her for her body shape or size.

Follow these tips and you will get the best curvy dating for sure.