How Can You Tell if a Cougar Likes You

Recently, CougarD team finds more and more people joining the app to find her cub or his cougar. They did a research in the purpose of finding the issues during cougar dating. It turns out that young men have more questions than cougars have towards younger men. They commonly agreed that dating a cougar is far more complicated than dating a girl of their age. But even though, they still are more attracted by the former, for that cougars are confident, past the drama, mature and have so many other qualities that fascinate the young men.

The most shared topic is how can you tell if a cougar likes you or not. Cougars are much older than cubs. With age difference, cubs do not know if she minds going out with a much younger boyfriend. They don’t want to be rude or leave a bad impression. So most of cubs will not take actions before make sure cougars are into them too. Cougars are not like the younger girls. Some of them may be very straight-forward, while some may also be very cautious when facing a relationship.

The main thing to tell is body language. Body language applies for all men and women. For example, if you are in a coffee shop, there’s a cougar looking and smiling at you, pay attention. You could offer to buy her a drink. If she accepts, it may mean she likes you. If she put her hands on your leg or your arm or making any physical contact, maybe she’s indicating that you should ask her out. If she’s moving her hair back or sticking her boobs out or licking the lips, any way to show her feminine, it means she likes you.

Some cougars are very straight-forward. They ask what they want without any hide. It’s easy to tell if she like you or not. For an instance, if a cougar invites you to go out outside of work, it’s a good way of telling she’s into you as more than just a co-worker or a friend. If she asks your phone number, not the other way around, if she spends a lot of time talking to you and asking a lot of questions about yourself, if she laughs at your jokes, or even if she sleeps with you, these are all very obvious indications that she likes you.

The best way to tell if a cougar like you or not is asking her out. According to a test conducted on the users of CougarD, over 78% of cougars are into cub that are direct and courageous. If you are really tangled by the question that she likes you or not, asking her out may be a good way to find out and even add you some point.

If a cougar agrees to go out with you, it means she sees you as a potential boyfriend-to-be, but do not rush it. Show your charm and merits properly. Do not brag. Many cubs are eager to show themselves. It will only be a women-repeller instead of advantages. If you are a man of good shape, wear tight shirts occasionally instead of opening it to show her the muscles and even drag her hands to touch them. Such behavior will only drive them away.

Cougars have so much to offer. Their wisdom, experiences, and so on. Dating a cougar is more than just comfortable and fun, it’s also a good way of learning. If there’s an opportunity to date a cougar, cherish it, have fun and turn it into good use.

CougarD —the Best Online Dating App

CougarD is one of the most popular online dating app, which is specially designed for older women and younger men and provides a platform for them to meet each other. It has won the market of the majority in just a few months after its’ release. CougarD gradually takes the lead of cougar dating market.

Cougar dating, once a sensitive and unaccepted word, now is experiencing a huge reversal. More and more young and handsome guys are attracted to mature and sophisticated older women and not afraid to speak it out. There is no limit in love. Whatever age, gender, nationality and so on. CougarD plays its’ unique and significant role in normalizing cougar dating.

Here we provide some tips to help to get your journey started.

First, download CougarD on your phone. Set your profile. Remember to choose the best photos of you, so that you can win a good first impression. They say never judge a book by its cover, but you have to face it that all people are face judgers, especially in a relationship hunting. They may not show it on their face, but they would definitely wisper to themselves in the heart. Therefore, pretty photos are the stepping stone in finding a cougar dating relationship.

Second, go to “QuickMatch” to find the right person. This is the center of CougarD, just like a community where all cougars and cubs hang out. By swiping left or right, you can “like” somebody or pass to continue. Two person who like each other will be matched and they will be free to talk to each other online. If you two hit it off, you can ask he/her out on a date. This is how CougarD help to establish a cougar dating relationship.

Third, get some exposure. To show more about yourself, a few profile photos are far from enough. Display your life photos on “Moments” with a few sentence to express your feelings. Share what’s going on with you recently, what is special today, what did you eat for breakfast, how do you feel about your life, your work and so on. “Moments” is designed for you to tell others about yourself and in return to get to know other people.

The above is about everything you need to start hunting. There are many other functions to make it easy, convenient and effective to find a date. If there’s still something missing, you can go to “Settings” to tell us and we will be very happy to make amends.

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