6 Useful Tips for Your First Hookup Online

You can find a like-minded person as your casual dating partner in real life or with the help of online hookup apps, and no matter which way you choose, your gold is the same: build a FWB relationship. The first offline hookup between you two is crucial to the future of your relationship and you should know how to make it a successful one. Here are six tips that I hope will help you.

Show your respect. Although respect is a two-way street, someone has to show respect first, and you should be that person. This attitude will make you seem reliable and your dating partner will naturally like you. But you have to get the right degree. Considering that your relationship is a physically close one, you need to be careful that you don’t be too respectful. This will make your relationship seem too distant, which will be bad for your relationship.

Reach an agreement. Even though you both are into one night hookup dating, there are certain things you each want to try, so you have to agree on what’s okay and what’s not. Personally, I think this is also a sign of mutual respect, but I list it separately because it is important. Many people seem to be going well when they meet for the first time. However, when they go to bed, because they are not familiar with their own way of making love, postures or something else, which leads an unpleasant in the end.

Focus on your partner during all the process. To make a good vibe, you should pay more attention on your partner instead of other things, like your phone, games, TV show and something like this. You can try to start a conversation and lead it to other topics and you will finally find one you are both interested. If you are not good at talking, you can prepare some of your favorite music, movies or TV series and share them with him/her. In short, you don’t want him/her to think he/she’s out in the cold.

Look into your partner’s eyes. Remember, it’s important to make eye contact with each other. Your eyes can say a lot to him/her. For example, when you meet other people and you introduce yourself, if you can look him/her in the eye the whole time, there is no doubt that he/she will know that you are serious.

Make sure everything is under control. What makes a one night hookup memorable is that you have a good rapport with each other, and things are going well and under control. Think about it. If things don’t go the way you want them to, will your first date be memorable? The answer is no. So when you realize that things are going the other way, take a moment to pause and find a way to get them back on track as quickly as possible.

One thing you have to remember is that you are here for fun. You know, sex is what makes you two people who don’t know each other partners, so your ultimate goal is, you know, to have fun. So, there’s no need to over think it. Whatever the future of your FWB relationship is, just get the first hookup done.

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